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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Devolopment of the vulnerability management program in bankingJoe-Madu, S.; Prudnik, A. M.
2012Electromagnetic interference shielding properties of the Cu, Ti and Cr coatings deposited by Arc-PVD on textile materialsPrudnik, A. M.; Zamastotsky, Y.; Siarheyev, V.; Siuborov, V.; Stankevich, E.; Pobol, I.
2021Experimental Estimation of Shielding Effectiveness of Composite Materials by Use of Ultra Wideband Electromagnetic PulsesГаленко, А. В.; Tsyanenka, D. A.; Mordachev, V. I.; Sinkevich, E. V.; Lynkou, L. M.; Prudnik, A. M.; Galenko, A. V.; Wen-Qing Guo; Xie Ma; Zhe Wang
2017Flexible electromagnetic radiation shields obtained by chemical deposition of copper on the surface of a fabric with a nanostructured ferromagnetic microwireAhmed, A. A. A.; Al-Ademi, Y. T. A.; Alkalbi, A. S. J.; Prudnik, A. M.
2018Implementation of the vulnerability management program using project approachJoe-Madu, S.; Prudnik, A. M.
2018Interaction of optical waves with a screening thin-film aluminum coating having nickel nanoparticlesPechen, T. M.; Prudnik, A. M.
2009Measurement of shielding effectiveness of the computer aids radiationKazeka, A. A.; Borbotko, T. V.; Prudnik, A. M.
2019Microwave shields made of non-vowen fabrics containing carbon additives and geometric shapes formed with aluminium foilAbdulhadi, H. D. A.; Prudnik, A. M.
2012Natural environments imitators for data protection systems against leakage through optical channelsPrudnik, A. M.; Borbotko, T. V.; Nasonova, N. V.; Lynkou, L. M.
2017Production technology and shielding properties of the needle-punched non-vowen fabrics with carbon additivesPrudnik, A. M.; Beloglazov, A.; Kudryavtseva, T.; Lynkou, L. M.
2004Rigid electromagnetic shielding structures for video display terminalsLynkou, L. M.; Kolbun, N. V.; Prudnik, A. M.; Bogush, V. A.; Tereh, I. S.; Borbotko, T. V.
2011Shielding properties of the metal coatings deposited by cathodic arc deposition on textile materialsPrudnik, A. M.; Zamastotsky, Y.; Siarheyev, V.; Siuborov, V.; Stankevich, E.; Pobol, I.
2013Simulation of cellular phone radiation propagation in biological tissue and multilayer shielding structuresPrudnik, A. M.; Kazeka, A. A.; Borbotko, T. V.
2008Simulation of electromagnetic radiation passing through liquid-containing nanostructured materialsKolbun, N. V.; Borbotko, T. V.; Kazeka, A. A.; Prudnik, A. M.; Lynkou, L. M.
2017Simulation of the optical waves interaction with nanostructure thin aluminum-nickel filmsPechen, T.; Prudnik, A. M.
2008Stabilization of shielding efficiency of electromagnetic radiation shields based on liquid-containing composite materialsPulko, T.; Kolbun, N. V.; Prudnik, A. M.; Lynkov, L.