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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Audit of information security of telecommunication networks of credit and financial institutionsPetrov, S. N.; Elbuaishi, A. M. E.; Pulko, T. A.
2009Microwave radiation shielding effectiveness of composite liquid-containing materials in dependence on hygroscopic properties of the compoundsKolbun, N. V.; Pulko, T. A.; Lynkov, L. M.
2015OPTICALLY TRANSPARENT ELECTROMAGNETIC SHIELDS FOR SHF BANDAwsi, R. M.; Grabar, I. A.; Lukashevich, A. A.; Pulko, T. A.; Пулко, Т. А.
2020Speechlike signal synthesis module for information security systemsPetrov, S. N.; Zelmanski, O. B.; Pulko, T. A.
2020Vulnerabilities of deep learning biometric voice applications in banking and financial servicesPetrov, S. N.; Elsayed, O. S.; Pulko, T. A.