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Title: Speechlike signal synthesis module for information security systems
Authors: Petrov, S. N.
Zelmanski, O. B.
Pulko, T. A.
Петров, С. Н.
Зельманский, О. Б.
Пулко, Т. А.
Keywords: публикации ученых
speech intelligibility
speech-like interference
articulation tests
speech leakage channels
compilation synthesis of speech-like interference
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Azzaytuna University, Ливия
Citation: Petrov, S. N. Speechlike signal synthesis module for information security systems / Petrov S. N., Zelmanski O. B., Pulko T. A. // Azzaytuna University Journal. – 2020. – № 34. – P. 429–449.
Abstract: A comparative analysis of the effectiveness of noise signals of different types in order to reduce the intelligibility of masked speech in the case of leakage through direct acoustic and vibro-acoustic channels. As a test signal used articulation phrase tables from the standard STB GOST R 50840-2000. A technique for testing the effectiveness of various types of noise signals is proposed. One of the results of the work is the development of a method for the formation of an effective masking signal for active protection of acoustic information, which is a correlated speech-like noise, formed directly from the masked speech signal, the level of which can be 7-9 dB below the white noise level to ensure the required value of speech intelligibility. Speech-like interference synthesis method includes the following stages: speech detection, speaker verification, speech segmentation, speech classification, speech-like interference synthesis. Synthesis of speech-like interference is based on compilation of allophones by phonemic text generated taking into account language statistics. It allows form speech-like interference in Russian, English or Arabic languages.
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