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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Certain approaches to automated designing of competence-oriented models for knowledge engineers using the tutoring integrated expert systemsRybina, G. V.; Fontalina, E. S.; Sorokin, I. A.
2019Dynamic integrated expert systems: automated construction features of temporal knowledge bases with using problem-oriented methodologyRybina, G. V.; Sorokin, I. A.; Sorokin, D. O.
2020Some Aspects of Intelligent Technology of Construction of the Tutoring Integrated Expert SystemsRybina, G. V.; Sorokin, I. A.; Korsachev, A. A.; Dvorchik, M. A.
2017Some Aspects of Using Intelligent Technology for the Construction of Tutoring Integrated Expert SystemsRybina, G. V.; Rybin, V. M.; Blokhin, Yu. M.; Sergienko, E. S.
2020The Technology of Temporal Knowledge Obtaining from Various Sources: the Experimental Research of Combined Knowledge Acquisition MethodRybina, G. V.; Slinkov, A. A.; Buyanov, D. R.