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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Approach to design of distributed multi-agent system for processing sound information of the environmentVishniakou, U. А.; Shaya, B. H.
2020Automation tools for the development of internet of thing networksVishniakou, U.A.; Shaya, B. H.; Al-Masri, A. H.; Al-Haji, S. H.
2019Model and structure of multiagent system for collection and processing sound informationShaya, B. H.; Vishniakou, U.A.
2019Multi-agent system for сontrol sound informationVishniakou, U. А.; Shaya, B. H.
2022Proposed system architecture for cough detectionVishniakou, U. A.; Shaya, B. H.
2020Structure, network protocols of the internet of things for quality production controlVishniakou, U. А.; Shaya, B. H.; Al-Masri, A. H.; Al-Hajj, S. K.
2019Technologies of Intelligence Multiagent Information Proceccing with Blockchain for ManagementVishniakou, U. A.; Shaya, B. H.; Al-Masri, A. H.; Al-Haji, S. K.