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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019InGaZnO based TFT structures for active matrix addressingKazarkin, B. A.; Stepanov, A. A.; Smirnov, A. G.; Shiripov, V.; Khokhlov, E. A.; Ksendzov, A.; Казаркин, Б. А.; Степанов, А. А.; Смирнов, А. Г.
2019Properties of Nitrogen/Silicon Doped Vertically Oriented Graphene Produced by ICP CVD Roll-to-Roll TechnologyRozel, P.; Radziuk, D. V.; Mikhnavets, L. A.; Khakhlov, E. A.; Shiripov, V.; Matolínová, I.; Matolin, V.; Basaev, A. S.; Kargin, N. I.; Labunov, V. A.
2019Vertically oriented graphene based walls and columns obtained by ICP CVD method on moving substrates as prior stage of the roll-to-roll technologyLabunov, V. A.; Radziuk, D.; Grapov, D. V.; Rozel, P.; Khokhlov, E.; Shiripov, V.; Basaev, A.; Kargin, N.; Лабунов, В. А.; Радюк, Д. В.; Грапов, Д. В.