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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019All silicon passive addressed micro LED displays with nano-porous Si/ITO-free nanomesh layers as light emitting pixelsSmirnov, A. G.; Stepanov, A.; Bondarenko, V. P.; Chubenko, E. B.; Dolgiy, A. L.; Redko, S. V.; Guoxiong, Z.; Yongai, Z.; Zhixian, L.; Qun, Y.
2021Density functional theory-based study of Cu2TiSnS4 and Cu2VSnS4 for photovoltaic applicationsKistanov, A. A.; Botella, R.; Korznikova, E.; Smirnov, A. G.; Zhuk, S. D.
2020Diffraction on periodic surface microrelief grating with positive or negative optical anisotropyBelyaev, V. V.; Solomatin, A. S.; Hakob Margaryan; Nune Hakobyan; Sandeep Kumar; Chausov, D. N.; Belyaev, A. A.; Smirnov, A. G.; Gorbunov, A.
2019InGaZnO based TFT structures for active matrix addressingKazarkin, B. A.; Stepanov, A. A.; Smirnov, A. G.; Shiripov, V.; Khokhlov, E. A.; Ksendzov, A.; Казаркин, Б. А.; Степанов, А. А.; Смирнов, А. Г.
2016Morphology and optical properties of aluminum oxide formed into oxalic electrolyte with addition surface active agentsKazarkin, B. A.; Stsiapanau, A.; Zhilinski, V.; Chernik, A.; Bezborodov, V.; Kozak, G.; Danilovich, S.; Smirnov, A. G.
2021Nanopatterned metallic transparent electrodes for the near-infrared spectrumHubarevich, A. V.; Marus, M.; Mukha, Y. U.; Smirnov, A. G.; Xiao Wei Sun
2021Optical properties of thin metallic nano-patterned films for display applicationsHubarevich, A. V.; Mukha, Y. U.; Smirnov, A. G.
2019Silver nanowires as transparent conductive films in the near-infrared spectral rangeMarus, M.; Hubarevich, A. V.; Mukha, Y. U.; Smirnov, A. G.; Xiao Wei Sun; Губаревич, А. В.; Муха, Е. В.; Смирнов, А. Г.
2021Мachine learning methods for predict electrophysical properties of semiconductor materials for optoelectronic and energy storage devicesKhinevich, A.; Stsiapanau, A. A.; Smirnov, A. G.