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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018An approach to speech ambiguities eliminating using semantically-acoustical analysisZahariev, V. A.; Azarov, E. S.; Rusetski, K. V.
2021Conversational speech analysis based on the formalized representation of the mental lexiconZahariev, V. A.; Nikiforov, S. A.; Azarov, E. S.
2020Intelligent Voice Assistant Based on Open Semantic TechnologyZahariev, V. A.; Shunkevich, D. V.; Nikiforov, S. A.; Azarov, E. S.
2017Multivoice Text-to-Speech Synthesis for Natural-Language Interfaces of Intelligent SystemsZahariev, V. A.; Petrovsky, A. A.
2021Semantic analysis of the video stream based on neuro-symbolic artificial intelligenceKroshchanka, A. A.; Mikhno, E.; Kovalev, M. V.; Zahariev, V. A.; Zagorskij, A. G.
2019Semantic analysis of voice messages based on a formalized contextZahariev, V. A.; Lyahor, T. V.; Hubarevich, A. V.; Azarov, E. S.
2020The principles of building intelligent speech assistants based on open semantic technologyZahariev, V. A.; Shunkevich, D. V.; Nikiforov, S. A.; Lyahor, T. V.; Azarov, E. S.