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Title: The Higgsstrahlung process in the Standard model extensions
Authors: Makhnach, V. V.
Boyarkina, G. G.
Boyarkin, O. M.
Keywords: публикации ученых;left-right-symmetric model;Higgs boson;бозон Хиггса;лево-правая симметричная модель
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: NASB Institute of Physics
Citation: Boyarkin, O. M. The Higgsstrahlung process in the Standard model extensions / O. M. Boyarkin, G. G. Boyarkina, V. V. Makhnatch // IX International Conference Bolyai-Gauss-Lobachevsky. Methods of non-euclidean geometry in physics and mathematics ( Minsk, October 27-30, 2015.). - Vol. 9 / Ed. V. M. Redkov [et. al.]. – Minsk. – 2015 : NASB Institute of Physics. - P. 338–345.
Abstract: Within the left-right symmetric model (LRM) and the effective rank 5 models (ER5M's) the Higgsstrahlung process e+e- →ZH is considered. It was shown that the deviations from the SM predicted by the LRM are larger than that predicted by the ER5M's. Investigation of the Higgsstrahlung disclosed that with its help one could make a choice between the SM and the SM extensions under consideration.
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