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Title: System-Level Model for Analysis of Dipole Antenna Response to Electromagnetic Pulse
Authors: Sinkevich, E.
Tsyanenka, D.
Yurtsev, O.
Keywords: публикации ученых;dipole antennas;EMP radiation effects;systems engineering and theory;analytical models
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Sinkevich, E. System-Level Model for Analysis of Dipole Antenna Response to Electromagnetic Pulse / E. Sinkevich, D. Tsyanenka, O. Yurtsev // Electromagnetic Compatibility - EMC EUROPE: International Symposium on. (5 - 9 Sept. 2016). - 6 р.
Abstract: In this paper, we developed an analytical model that makes it possible to estimate the response (i.e., the voltage or current at the output) of a dipole antenna to arbitrary-shaped electromagnetic pulse if the minimum information about the antenna is available (it is enough to know the following parameters of the antenna: working frequency range, gain, and wave impedance of the radiofrequency port). The developed model is validated by comparing the computed responses of VHF- and UHF-band dipole antennas to wideband electromagnetic pulses with the measurement results published in the literature. The validation demonstrates that the model estimates the values of the most important antenna-response parameters (total energy, amplitude, and voltage rate), which define the requirements to the radio-equipment terminal protection devices, with reasonable accuracy. The possibilities of increasing the response estimation accuracy by numerical modeling of the antenna are investigated (MoM and FDTD methods are involved).
ISSN: 2325-0364 (электронный вариант)
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