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Title: X-ray scattering study of interfacial roughness in Nb/PdNi multilayers
Authors: Vecchione, A.
Fittipaldi, R.
Cirillo, C.
Hesselberth, M.
Aarts, J.
Prischepa, S. L.
Kushnir, V.N.
Kupriyanov, M.Yu.
Attanasio, C.
Keywords: публикации ученых;Specular X-ray scattering;Diffuse X-ray scattering;Interfacial roughness;Metallic multilayers;X-ray reflectivity;Correlated roughness;Superconductivity;Ferromagnetism
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Vecchione, A. X-ray scattering study of interfacial roughness in Nb/PdNi multilayers / A. Vecchione and other // Surface Science. – 2011. – V. 605, № 19-20. – Р. 1791 – 1796.
Abstract: Specular and diffuse X-ray scattering are used to study interfacial roughness in Nb/Pd0.81Ni0.19 multilayers deposited by dc UHV sputtering. The data are analyzed to extract information about the correlated behavior of interface roughness in both the lateral and vertical directions. X-ray reflectivity is treated quantitatively by computer-aided simulation and modeling in order to extract values also for the layers thickness. From the analysis of the diffusive spectra of the reflectivity maps the roughness correlation has been evaluated.
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