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Title: Porous silicon as host and template material for fabricating composites and hybrid materials
Authors: Chubenko, E. B.
Redko, S. V.
Dolgiy, A. L.
Bandarenka, H. V.
Prischepa, S. L.
Bondarenko, V. P.
Keywords: публикации ученых;porous silicon;composite material;electrochemical deposition;porous silicon filling;hybrid materials
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Porous Silicon: From Formation to Application
Citation: Chubenko, E. Porous silicon as host and template material for fabricating composites and hybrid materials / E. Chubenko and other // Taylor and Francis. Ed. G. Korotchenkov. – 2016. – P. 183 – 207.
Abstract: We can now finally summarize that there has been performed a great number of research works on the fabrication and investigation of composite and hybrid materials by the PSi filling with foreign substances. The most remarkable results have been achieved in the deposition of metals from liquids by electrochemical and displacement methods as well as infiltration with polymers. Although, we can expect further research activity on using low cost electrochemical, chemical displacement and infiltration methods, it is clear that an advanced low-temperature CVD and ALD method can provide the highly controlled rate of PSi filling with different foreign substances. These methods also offer a favorable solution for progress on the way from fundamental research to application of composite and hybrid materials based on PSi.
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