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Title: Построение геосенсорных сетей мониторинга окружающей среды на основе Internet of things
Authors: Дик, К. С.
Терех, И. С.
Криштопова, Е. А.
Keywords: материалы конференций;геосенсорные сети;окружающая среда;Internet of things
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: БГУИР
Citation: Дик, К. С. Построение геосенсорных сетей мониторинга окружающей среды на основе Internet of things / К. С. Дик, И. С. Терех, Е. А. Криштопова // BIG DATA and Advanced Analytics: collection of materials of the third international scientific and practical conference, Minsk, Belarus, May 3–4, 2017 / editorial board : М. Batura [et al.]. – Minsk : BSUIR, 2017. – С. 196-201.
Abstract: The rapid growth of the number of user devices containing miniature sensors and having the ability to geolocation, laid the basis for the development of the deploying of geosensor networks. Such networks are capable of accumulating the huge amounts of data on various physical phenomena relative to the considered spatial and time inter- vals. Geosensor networks can provide the collecting and automatic processing of environmental data, allow to make the decisions to preserve it, predict natural disasters and ensure control over the consequences of technogenic disasters. The construction of geosensor network on hardware equipment of heterogeneous Internet of Things devices with their inte- gration over the Internet using open OGC standards for data exchange about the state of the environment is considered.
Appears in Collections:BIG DATA and Advanced Analytics. Использование BIG DATA для оптимизации бизнеса и информационных технологий (2017)

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