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Title: Моделирование процесса очистки газопылевых потоков в волокновых фильтрах
Authors: Тумилович, М. В.
Пилиневич, Л. П.
Keywords: материалы конференций;газопылевые потоки;волокновые фильтры;очистка
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: БГУИР
Citation: Тумилович, М. В. Моделирование процесса очистки газопылевых потоков в волокновых фильтрах / М. В. Тумилович, Л. П. Пилиневич // BIG DATA and Advanced Analytics: collection of materials of the third international scientific and practical conference, Minsk, Belarus, May 3–4, 2017 / editorial board : М. Batura [et al.]. – Minsk : BSUIR, 2017. – С. 184–191.
Abstract: Modeling of sedimentation of high-disperse particles from gas streams in porous fiber materials is carried out. It is shown, under usual conditions efficiency of a kolmatation of high-disperse particles with a diameter of 0,5 microns and below, generally depends on the speed of a stream and the size of fibers of the filter – the speed more than diameter of fibers is higher, the efficiency of a kolmatation is lower. Increase in density of packing of the filtering material has not so significant effect on extent of catching of particles, but leads to growth of resistance and according to decline in production of the filter.
Appears in Collections:BIG DATA and Advanced Analytics. Использование BIG DATA для оптимизации бизнеса и информационных технологий (2017)

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