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Title: Optical properties of the CaSi2/Si(111) and Si(111)/CaSi2/Si(111) heterostructures
Authors: Galkin, N. G.
Galkin, K. N.
Maslov, A. M.
Migas, D. B.
Bogorodz, V. O.
Мигас, Д. Б.
Богородь, В. О.
Keywords: публикации ученых
сalcium silicide
thin film
first principal calculations
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: World Scientific, Singapore
Citation: Optical properties of the CaSi2/Si(111) and Si(111)/CaSi2/Si(111) heterostructures / N. G. Galkin and other // Nanomeeting – 2017: рroceedings of International Conference in Physics, Chemistry and Application of Nanostructures. – Singapore: World Scientific, 2017. – Р. 97 – 101. –
Abstract: Optical properties of a CaSi2 film and a CaSi2 layer embedded in silicon matrix have been studied by experimental and theoretical methods. According to the experimental data CaSi2 layer displays degenerate semiconductor properties with strong absorbance at photon energies higher 2.3 eV. First principal calculations predict CaSi2 to be a semimetal independent of stressed CaSi2 lattice parameters.
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