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Title: Using ontologies for data processing scenarios in aircraft designing
Authors: Flores, J.
Osseni, K.
Borgest, N.
Keywords: материалы конференций
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: БГУИР
Citation: Flores, J. Using ontologies for data processing scenarios in aircraft designing / J. Flores, K. Osseni, N. Borgest // Открытые семантические технологии проектирования интеллектуальных систем = Open Semantic Technologies for Intelligent Systems (OSTIS-2018) : материалы международной научно-технической конференции (Минск, 15 - 17 февраля 2018 года) / редкол. : В. В. Голенков (отв. ред.) [и др.]. – Минск : БГУИР, 2018. – С. 277 – 282.
Abstract: The use of Ontologies in the present is becoming very common and widely used in different education areas, some areas of the engineering such as aerospace, can improve with the application of this informatics tools. Classification of aircraft as an object and all its components has become an important re- search area for the statistics analysis previous of designing a new concept, in this document we are going to explain, how Fluent Editor can help the designer to improve the classification and information analysis used to choose the statistical characteristics of the new concept. On this paper databases are created for storing, processing, performing calculations, sorting, sampling and presentation of data arrays according to various criteria. Then the created array of data on aircraft wing airfoil can be further used as a basis for selecting the airfoil according to the technical task.
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