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Title: Использование современных подходов и нейронных сетей для качественного образования в вузах
Authors: Бакунова, О. М.
Хмелевская, А. Л.
Беликов, А. С.
Мирончик, А. Н.
Агапкин, Л. М.
Чучвал, А. Ю.
Keywords: публикации ученых;neural networks;education;innovations;developing technologies;the modern platforms of programming
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Scientific Educational Center Warsaw
Citation: Использование современных подходов и нейронных сетей для качественного образования в вузах / О. М. Бакунова и другие // Open Access Peer-reviewed Journal «Science Review». – 2018. - 1(8), Vol.1. - Pp. 3 – 5.
Abstract: For many years education changes and acquires new forms of education. In connection with promptly developing technologies in different fields of activity of society, receiving relevant and quality education is one of the main tasks. In the conditions of fierce competition the question of a choice of establishment of education, the country of training and future profession is particularly acute enough. Increase in number of the arriving students at profile specialties of higher education institutions, fast development of innovations in the modern platforms of programming, the information volume continuously increasing in different branches – become premises for the most oriented education on the personal student.
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