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Title: Применение электронного документооборота в программе 1с
Authors: Бакунова, О. М.
Анохин, Е. В.
Палуйко, А. Ф.
Александрович, Е. Н.
Антонов, Е. Д.
Ситник, М. Ю.
Гречко, И. С.
Кабаков, Д. М.
Keywords: публикации ученых;innovations;developing technologies;the modern platforms of programming
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Scientific Educational Center Warsaw
Citation: Применение электронного документооборота в программе 1с / О. М. Бакунова и другие // International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Economy. – 2018. - 4(16) - Pp. 64 – 66.
Abstract: The modern life is inconceivable without use of information technologies in the most different areas of activity of the person: on production, in the organizations of different profile, in scientific research, in training activity. At manufacturing enterprises and in other organizations interested in increase in an index of efficiency of the activities, software are used for control and automation of different tasks of application-oriented character. Among a wide variety of software of the main objectives of their activities used by the organizations for automation of the decision it is possible to select the information handling systems constructed by the principle of database management systems.
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