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Title: Интеграция информационных систем с использованием Mule ESB
Authors: Бакунова, О. М.
Калитеня, И. Л.
Уласович, В. Ю.
Тимофеев, Д. О.
Ухналев, Р. Ю.
Михаленко, В. А.
Keywords: публикации ученых;Integration;enterprise service bus;information system
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Scientific Educational Center Warsaw
Citation: Интеграция информационных систем с использованием Mule ESB / О. М. Бакунова [и др.] // Web of Scholar. – 2018. - 4(22), Vol.1. - Pp. 4 – 7.
Abstract: Today developers often face not with designing or building of new software, but with integration with existing one. And quite often it's need to perform integration not only within an enterprise, but with customers, distributors, goverments structures. But accoring to some points this task might become very complex, and it will require proper approaches and technologies to get scalable and flexible solution.
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