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Title: Атака с переустановкой ключа (krack)
Authors: Бакунова, О. М.
Бакунов, А. М.
Котлов, А. А.
Мартыненко, И. О.
Гимик, В. О.
Keywords: публикации ученых;security protocols;network security;attacks;key reinstallation;WPA2
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Scientific Educational Center Warsaw
Citation: Атака с переустановкой ключа (krack) / О. М. Бакунова [и др.] // Web of Scholar. – 2018. - 6(24), Vol.1. - Pp. 38 – 39. -
Abstract: In the era of IT great attention is paid to data security and confidentiality on the Internet. Despite that often vulnerabilities and exploits can be found in almost every system. Examples of such vulnerabilities can be a defect in architecture or an error in the data-transfer algorithm. Deprecation of standards can also lead to new exploits. As a result it is a necessary to develop new standards or modernize existing ones. This article is about new vulnerability in authorization process of Wi-Fi networks that make use of WPA2 protocol.
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