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Title: The use «Call-Tracking» technology in the modern world
Authors: Ismailova, A.
Pokussay, O.
Omirbay, A.
Yakovlev, V.
Sovetkin, S.
Likhacheuski, D. V.
Keywords: публикации ученых;technology;call-tracking;tracking;advertising;website
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: National Academy of sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Citation: The use «Call-Tracking» technology in the modern world / A. Ismailova [et al.] // Bulletin of National Academy of sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan. – 2018. – N 3. – Pp. 15–22.
Abstract: The world becomes more and more developed and with the advent of the Internet, mobile communication, applications, the call-tracking develop and gains momentum. In this article, the concept of call-tracking, and also its great popularity, a role and application are considered in detail. In the modern world, companies use a large number of channels to attract customers: contextual advertising, banner advertising, advertising on radio or TV, outdoor advertising and etc. Therefore, all types of call-tracking are considered which exist at the moment and the principles of their work are described in the article. As a result, using call tracking solutions for measurement of performance digital and offline - advertising, marketer scan now better optimize their strategy to attract potential customers and increase revenue. Data and call tracking ideas - also called call analytics, call attribution and call intelligence - allow marketers to generate best conversion calls, to reduce their cost for leadership, to personalize the customer experience and to stimulate growth. The work considers the main advantages of using this technology among companies. The real example of the application of call-tracking by the company in Russia is described. The detailed description is provided.
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