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Title: Increace in the silicon surface adhesion by treatment in atmospheric plasma
Authors: Kotov, D. A.
Kuznetsova, T. A.
Nikitiuk, S. A.
Lapitskaya, V. A.
Melnikova, G. B.
Chizhik, S. A.
Zaporojchenko, U. V.
Yatsevich, E. V.
Keywords: публикации ученых;материалы конференций;atmospheric plasma;adhesion;atomic force microscope
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Ковчег
Citation: Increace in the silicon surface adhesion by treatment in atmospheric plasma / D. A. Kotov [et al.] // XI International conference on plasma physics and plasma technology (PPPT- 9), Minsk, 2018. - P. 49 - 52.
Abstract: The silicon wafer surface was processed by atmospheric pressure plasma. Atmospheric plasma treatment resulted in a significant improvement of the surface adhesion. The adhesion was measured as a coefficient of friction. The dependence of the friction coefficient of the silicon on the treatment modes was studied by the atomic force microscope. The use of the atmospheric discharge plasma made it possible to change the surface properties rapidly and at low cost without destroying it.
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