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Title: Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Lactoferrin Adsorbed on Silvered Porous Silicon Covered with Graphene
Authors: Zavatski, Sergey
Khinevich, Nadia
Girel, Kseniya
Redko, Sergey
Kovalchuk, Nikolai
Komissarov, Ivan
Lukashevich, Vladimir
Semak, Igor
Mamatkulov, Kahramon
Vorobyeva, Maria
Arzumanyan, Grigory
Bandarenka, Hanna
Keywords: публикации ученых
surface enhanced Raman scattering
porous silicon
attomolar concentration
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: MDPI, Switzerland
Citation: Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Lactoferrin Adsorbed on Silvered Porous Silicon Covered with Graphene / Sergey Zavatski [and other] // Biosensors. – 2019. – Vol. 9. – P. 34 (19 pages). – DOI: 10.3390/bios9010034.]
Abstract: We registered surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectra of the human lactoferrin molecules adsorbed on a silvered porous silicon (por-Si) from 10􀀀6–10􀀀18 M solutions. It was found that the por-Si template causes a negative surface potential of silver particles and their chemical resistivity to oxidation. These properties provided to attract positively charged lactoferrin molecules and prevent their interaction with metallic particles upon 473 nm laser excitation. The SERS spectra of lactoferrin adsorbed from 10􀀀6 M solution were rather weak but a decrease of the concentration to 10-10 M led to an enormous growth of the SERS signal. This effect took place as oligomers of lactoferrin were broken down to monomeric units while its concentration was reduced. Oligomers are too large for a uniform overlap with electromagnetic field from silver particles. They cannot provide an intensive SERS signal from the top part of the molecules in contrast to monomers that can be completely covered by the electromagnetic field. The SERS spectra of lactoferrin at the 10-14 and 10-16 M concentrations were less intensive and started to change due to increasing contribution from the laser burned molecules. To prevent overheating the analyte molecules on the silvered por-Si were protected with graphene, which allowed the detection of lactoferrin adsorbed from the 10-18 M solution.
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