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Title: Neutrino oscillations in intensive magnetic fields
Authors: Boyarkina, G. G.
Boyarkin, O. M.
Makhnach, V. V.
Keywords: публикации ученых;Sun’s magnetic fields;neutrino oscillation;neutrino magnetic dipole moment;anapole moment
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Право и экономика
Citation: Boyarkina, G. G. Neutrino oscillations in intensive magnetic fields / G. G. Boyarkina, O. M. Boyarkin, V. V. Makhnach // Nonlinear Dynamics and Applications : Proceedings of the Twenty six Anniversary Seminar NPCS’2019, Minsk, May 21-24, 2019 / editors: V. I. Kuvshinov, V. A. Shaporov. – Minsk : Pravo i Ekonomika, 2019. – Vol. 25. – P. 12–18.
Abstract: The evolution of the neutrino flux traveling through condensed matter and intensive magnetic field is considered. As the examples of the intensive magnetic field the magnetic fields of the coupled sunspots and the collapsar jets are considered. It is assumed that the neutrinos possess both the dipole magnetic moment and the anapole moment while the magnetic field may takes the values ≥ 105 Gs and has the twisting nature. The problem is investigated within three neutrino generations. The possible resonance conversions of the neutrino flux are examined.
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