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Title: Gyroton with the Corrugated Resonator
Authors: Kolosov, S. V.
Kuraev, A. A.
Rak, A. O.
Kurkin, S. A.
Badarin, A. A.
Hramov, A. E.
Колосов, С. В.
Кураев, А. А.
Рак, А. О.
Куркин, С. А.
Бадарин, А. А.
Keywords: публикации ученых
high-power microwaves
irregular waveguide
corrugated resonator
rotating field
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: MDPI, Switzerland
Citation: Gyroton with the Corrugated Resonator / Kolosov S. [and others] // Plasma. – 2019. - №2 (1). – 2019. – P. 1 – 13. – DOI: doi:10.3390/plasma201000.
Abstract: A new type of high-power electronic device—a gyroton with a corrugated resonator—is described and investigated. Spatial bunching of the electron beam does not occur in this device, however, highly efficient electron beam power conversion into the rotating electromagnetic field power is possible. The rectilinear electron beam deviates from the axis by the slow TM11 wave, then it gives up longitudinal energy to the same wave with more than 78% efficiency, and an output power up to 30 MW. The developed mathematical model of the interaction of the relativistic electron beam with an irregular circular waveguide and resonator fields presented in this article can be used to calculate and optimize the processes occurring in various microwave electronic devices, such as gyrotrons, gyrotons, TWT, Gyro-TWT, and BWT.
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