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Title: Isolation of two-dimensional E-fields in the excitation equations for hollow waveguides
Other Titles: Выделение двумерного электрического поля в уравнениях возбуждения для полых волноводов
Authors: Kuraev, A. A.
Koronovskii, A. A.
Kurkin, S. A.
Rak, A. O.
Rempen, I. S.
Badarin, A. A.
Hramov, A. E.
Кураев, А. А.
Короновский, А. А.
Куркин, С. А.
Рак, А. О.
Ремпен, И. С.
Бадарин, А. А.
Храмов, А. Е.
Keywords: публикации ученых
vainshtein waveguide excitation theory
excitation equation
electron beam
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: УФУ, РФ
Citation: Isolation of two-dimensional E-fields in the excitation equations for hollow waveguides / Kuraev A. A. [and others] // Infocommunications and radio technologies. – 2018. – Vol. 1, no. 1. – P. 17 – 28. – DOI: 10.15826/icrt.2018.01.1.02.
Abstract: The traditional excitation equations of the Vainshtein waveguide excitation theory based on presenting the field excited by extraneous sources as a sum of TE and TM eigenwaves of the hollow waveguide, which transversal components form the complete basis in the class of the transversal vectors of a waveguide section. However, in the excitation sources area (longitudinal sonde, electron beam) the waveguide is not hollow and the potential transverse electric field appears in this area. The transversal electric field completes the basis of TE and TM waves. This is not taken into account in the traditional excitation equations. In this paper, the necessary correction of the excitation equations in the sources area is obtained.
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