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Title: Applications of UV-LIGA and grayscale lithography for display technologies
Authors: Timoshkov, I. V.
Khanko, V. T.
Kurmashev, V. I.
Grapov, D. V.
Kostevich, A. A.
Govor, G. A.
Vetcher, A. K.
Keywords: доклады БГУИР;microelectronics;MEMS;UV-LIGA;grayscale lithography;photolithography;display production
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: БГУИР
Citation: Applications of UV-LIGA and grayscale lithography for display technologies / I. V. Timoshkov [and oth.] // Доклады БГУИР. – 2019. – № 7 (125). – С. 81-87. – DOI :
Abstract: In the article MEMS technologies for display production and application presented. UV-LIGA and greyscale lithography based on SU-8 resist approaches were shown. Methods, technologies and structures of heterogeneous materials with soft magnetic properties, pros and cons are discussed. Unique specific parameters of soft magnetic composite material were achieved: magnetic induction of saturation – 2,1 Т, working frequency range – up to 1 MHz, permeability – up to 3000, total loss – 8 W/kg, Curie temperature – above 800 єС. Electroplating allows deposition of soft magnetic alloys on the conductive substrate. Metals like Fe, Ni, Co with additives like B, P were used to get the best soft magnetic properties. Special codeposition process was developed to allow insertion of soft magnetic composite powder filaments into soft magnetic matrix formed during. It allows developing magnetic micromotors for display production. Simulation of the hybrid step micromotors was carried out in Ansys Maxwell 19. It was demonstrated that it is possible to get 10 mN m tourqe under 25 μm rotor-stator air gap. Only presented microtechnologies can provide such accuracy of the mciromotors elements. As for greyscale photolithography, special grey mask were developed and it was demonstrated the possibility to produce controllable real 3D relief on the SU-8 photoresist. Thus, microtechnologies should be integrated into display technology to provide cost effective production and advanced properties of final products.
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