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Title: Graded bandgap nanostructured SnS-based photocells
Authors: Outkina, E. A.
Vorobyova, A. I.
Khodin, A. A.
Keywords: публикации ученых;nanostructures;chemical deposition
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Outkina, E. A. Graded bandgap nanostructured SnS-based photocells / E. A. Outkina, A. I. Vorobyova, A. A. Khodin // Applied Physics A. – 2020. – Vol.126, № 899. – DOI:
Abstract: Tin sulfide SnS, SnS2 thin films have been fabricated and investigated for solar cell application as prospective inexpensive and environmentally safe material. In this study, we propose and analyse, using SCAPS code simulation, a simple graded bandgap heterostructure solar cell structure based on nanostructured bandgap-engineered SnS/SnS2 active layers showing conversion efficiency up to ~ 14% for non-graded and ~ 16% for graded bandgap heterostructure.
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