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Title: Formation of ordered anodic alumina nanofibers during aluminum anodizing in oxalic acid at high voltage and electrical power
Authors: Chernyakova, E. V.
Ispas, A.
Karpicz, R.
Ecke, G.
Vrublevsky, I. A.
Bund, A.
Keywords: публикации ученых;anodic alumina nanofibers;oxalic acid;auger spectroscopy
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Elsevier, Нидерланды
Citation: Formation of ordered anodic alumina nanofibers during aluminum anodizing in oxalic acid at high voltage and electrical power / K. Chernyakova [et. al.] // Surface and Coatings Technology. – 2020. – Vol. 394 (25). – P. 1–6. – DOI:
Abstract: In this study, we modified the synthesis modes of aluminum anodizing in an aqueous solution of oxalic acid and suggested quick, one-step and convenient method for porous alumina surface modification to increase largely its surface area. Anodic alumina nanofibers consisting of pure aluminum oxide were formed by high field anodizing with evolving of Joule heating of aluminum foil of 60 and 100 μm thickness in 0.3 M aqueous solution of oxalic acid. It was shown that nanofibers formed on the surface of the films for an anodizing voltage of 90 V and a power range of 13.5–31.5 W cm−2. The thickness of the Al foil has proved to be responsible for the formation of the alumina nanofibers, which cannot be obtained in the same electrolyte and for similar current densities on 25 μm thick aluminum foil. We could show that during anodizing of 60 μm thick Al foil, regardless of anodic current density value, alumina nanofibers uniformly covered the entire surface of the films. However, during 100 μm Al foil anodizing, the pores were etched and the nanofibers partially dissolved and separated from the surface with increasing anodizing current density. Auger electron spectroscopy measurements showed that porous anodic alumina containing carbon impurities was obtained during anodizing of the 25 μm Al foil. Alternatively, the surface of the nanofibers formed on 60 and 100 μm Al foil consisted of pure alumina.
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