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Title: Acoustic antenna array for location of the sonic signal sources
Authors: Kawan, J. M.
Davydov, A. G.
Davydau, H. V.
Keywords: доклады БГУИР;acoustic antenna array;directional diagram;protection of information
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: БГУИР, РБ
Citation: Kawan, J. M. Acoustic antenna array for location of the sonic signal sources / Kawan J. M., Davydau A. G., Davydau H. V. // Доклады БГУИР. – 2010. – № 5(51). – С. 12–18.
Abstract: The article offers an analysis of methods for location of sonic signal source, and a pattern for their use in building speech information security systems. The methods for speech information security have been formulated. A model of acoustic antenna array was developed for Fraunhofer zone and Fresnel zone. Optimization of weight factors for a 25-element antenna array was made according to minimum of side-lobes and minimum width of direction pattern.
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