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Title: Terahertz TWT on a Rectangular Waveguide Folded in a Circular Spiral
Authors: Kurayev, A. A.
Matveyenko, V. V.
Keywords: публикации ученых;terahertz TWT;circular-spiral form of waveguide;ring-shaped electron beam
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Science Publishing Group
Citation: Kurayev, A. Terahertz TWT on a Rectangular Waveguide Folded in a Circular Spiral / A. Kurayev, V. Matveyenka // World Journal of Applied Physics. – 2021. – Vol. 6, Issue 3. – P. 52–54. – DOI : 10.11648/j.wjap.20210603.13.
Abstract: The most promising in the THz range is traveling-wave tubes (TWTs) and backward-wave tubes (BWTs) on a serpentine-curved (zigzag-rolled) rectangular waveguide. They are implemented in the THz range (220 GHz), although their characteristics are far from satisfactory due to the strict restriction on the tape electron beam width, that does not allow reaching the summarizing beam current optimum level. To replace the zigzag convoluted waveguide with the spiraled for the TWT and BWT on a curved rectangular waveguide is the best way to remove the ribbon beam width restriction. In the early TWT and BWT design a waveguide planar spiral was also flat in the upper and lower parts connected by vertical idle (without beam) transitions. Proposed design can be significantly improved both in relation to the electron interaction process with the waveguide field and in relation to the TWT-BWT manufacturing technology if instead of a planar waveguide spiral, a circular one is used. The article proposes the TWT designing a terahertz rectangular waveguide folded as a circular spiral. The design differs from the previously proposed TWT with a planar-spiral waveguide by the improved interaction conditions between the electron beam and the waveguide field, as well as the manufacturing technology simplification for terahertz range.
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