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Title: Organizational Aspects of Creating an Electronic System for the Formation of Foreign Language Skills
Authors: Murtatha Anwer Abdulwahid Al-Masoodi
Keywords: публикации ученых
Activity theory
Education First
Learning management systems
Structural and visual method
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Vilniaus kolegija / University of Applied Sciences, Литва
Citation: Murtatha Anwer Abdulwahid Al-Masoodi. Organizational Aspects of Creating an Electronic System for the Formation of Foreign Language Skills / Murtatha Anwer Abdulwahid Al-Masoodi // Economics. Business. Management – 2021: Proceedings of the International Student Scientific-Practical Conference, Vilnius , April 22, 2021 / Vilniaus kolegija. – Vilnius, 2021. – PP. 9-21.
Abstract: An analysis of the reports published by Education First indicates negative trends that have emerged in recent years in the education systems of developed countries. Attempts to use modern ICTs to accelerate the process of adult learning turn out to be untenable due to the lack of proper coordinated work of specialists in various fields. The article shows how it is possible to combine the most progressive approaches to the formation of production skills in adults and at the same time accelerate the process of learning a foreign language using the technological opportunities that have opened up in recent years. Only a systematic approach allows us to speak about the successful mastering of basic linguistic skills in the training of specialists, and both of these processes occur simultaneously. Cooperation of interested organizations within the framework of the new program is of particular importance ЕС “Horizon Europe”.
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