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Title: Implementation Mobile App for Foreign Language Acquisition Based on Structural Visual Method
Authors: Imad H. Tahini
Dadykin, A. K.
Дадыкин, А. К.
Keywords: публикации ученых
Structural visual method
Learning management system
Learning content management system
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Springer Nature, Сингапур
Citation: Imad H. Tahini. Implementation Mobile App for Foreign Language Acquisition Based on Structural Visual Method / Imad H. Tahini, Dadykin, A. K. // Computer Networks and Inventive Communication Technologies. Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies / S. Smys [and others]. – Singapore : Springer Nature, 2022. – P. 687 – 702. – DOI:
Abstract: Among all modern communication devices, mobile phones are the most powerful means of communication even richer than e-mail or chat, as it can act as a teaching device despite its technical limitations. Therefore, we need to create a fast and efficient automated system that allow increased interest of students to learn foreign language, which provides the cognitive activity of students, stimulates and develops cognitive processes: thinking, perception, and memory. With such a system, the learner controls the learning process and progress in his own space based on his cognitive state, and learners can speak the target language without effort and psychological barriers. The purpose of the research is to create interactive speech trainer system based on a structural and visual approach and to ensure the formation of stable foreign language skills of trainees on the background of the active use of visual representation of language and interactive speech technology, and this system uses a technique for applying the visual approach and structural visual method in the educational environment by transforming grammatical information from verbal to graphic form and replacing complex text rules with appropriate visual structures in the form of pictures, schemes, and diagrams. We present our steps to implement our proposed architecture based on a visual model as a platform in mobile application with the establishment of content management system to provide the process of controlling the formation of speech skills and allowing the transition from foreign language learning to its improvement and acceleration. We also describe the ideas that will guide the design of this system.
ISBN: 978-981-16-3728-5
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