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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 62
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Coating equipment for mass production based on langmuir-blodgett technologyZhavnerko, G. K.; Shiripov, V. Ya.; Khakhlou, Ya. A.; Жавнерко, Г. К.
2019Mass production of patterned polymerizable liquid crystal devices by roll-to-roll technologyMuravsky, A. A.; Moiseenko, P.; Boboreko, A.; Shevtsov, V.; Murauski, A. A.; Муравский, Ал. А.; Муравский, Ан. А.
2019Silver nanowires as transparent conductive films in the near-infrared spectral rangeMarus, M.; Hubarevich, A. V.; Mukha, Y. U.; Smirnov, A. G.; Xiao Wei Sun; Губаревич, А. В.; Муха, Е. В.; Смирнов, А. Г.
2019Materials for tritium solid-state radioluminescent light sources (SRLS). Modified technique of phosphor screens manufacturingZelenina, E. V.; Pechertseva, E. A.; Зеленина, Е. В.; Печерцева, Е. А.
2019Approaches to enhance electroluminescent efficiency of light-emitting diodes based on quasi-two-dimensional perovskiteYanbing Hou; Wentao Bi; Bo Song; Pengcheng Jia; Junhan Guo; Zixiao Chen; Qiuhong Cui; Yufeng Hu; Zhidong Lou; Feng Teng
2019Electromagnetic MEMS motors for display technologiesTimoshkov, I. V.; Kurmashev, V. I.; Grapov, D. V.; Vetcher, A. K.; Govor, G. A.; Тимошков, Ю. В.; Курмашев, В. И.; Грапов, Д. В.
2019Production of retardation film with pixel strustureMikulich, V.; Boboreko, A.; Moiseenko, P.; Shevtsov, V.
2019Vertically oriented graphene based walls and columns obtained by ICP CVD method on moving substrates as prior stage of the roll-to-roll technologyLabunov, V. A.; Radziuk, D.; Grapov, D. V.; Rozel, P.; Khokhlov, E.; Shiripov, V.; Basaev, A.; Kargin, N.; Лабунов, В. А.; Радюк, Д. В.; Грапов, Д. В.
2019An optical screen for light guiding in the vertical directionLazarouk, S. K.; Leshok, A. A.; Dolbik, A. V.; Kliutski, A. Yu.; Kolchenko, K. T.; Kisel, A. A.; Zhigulin, D. V.; Prislopski, S. Ya.; Лазарук, С. К.; Лешок, А. А.; Долбик, А. В.; Клюцкий, А. Ю.; Кольченко, К. Т.; Кисель, А. А.; Прислопский, С. Я.
2019Full roll-to-roll fabrication process of large-area flexible OLED with silver-nanowire transparent electrodeKim, C.; Jeong, S.; Cho, S. M.
2019Calculation of the optical scheme of an augmented reality video moduleArtamonov, A. M.; Abdusalamau, K. A.
2019Ultra high resolution imaging light measurement device for subpixel metrology of micro-LEDs and OLEDsSteinel, T.; BIanke, J.; Wolf, M.
2019Human visual system for evaluation of holographic image qualityNam, J.; Park, M.; Shin, S.
2019Electro-optical response of PDLC films with conical boundary conditionsKrakhaev, M. N.; Prishchepa, O. O.; Feyzer, K. A.; Sutormin, V. S.; Loiko, V. A.; Konkolovich, A. V.; Miskevich, A. A.; Zyryanov, V. Ya.; Прищепа, О. О.; Лойко, В. А.; Конколович, А. В.; Мискевич, А. А.; Зырянов, В. Я.
2019Upconversion emission from erbium doped sol-gel derived ВаТiOз powders and coatingsGaponenko, N. V.; Subasri, R.; Reddy, D. S.; Soma Raju, K. R. C.; Rao, K. S.; Khoroshko, L. S.; Karnilava, Yu. D.; Mudryi, A. V.; Zhivulko, V. D.; Гапоненко, Н. В.; Хорошко, Л. С.; Корнилова, Ю. Д.; Мудрый, А. В.
2019Color and spectral characteristics of white LEDs and their variation during agingMasheda, M. V.; Gurskii, A. L.; Гурский, А. Л.
2019Nanocomposites based on porous silicon: from idea to implementationBondarenko, V. P.; Бондаренко, В. П.
2019Modular imaging measurement systems to cover automotive applicationsFatho, C.; Zorn, M.; Scholz, M.
2019Gradient pretilt angle alignment materials with different photosensitivity for tunable polarization-independent self-aligned LC lensBezruchenko, V. S.; Muravsky, Al. A.; Murauski, An. A.; Stankevich, A. I.; Mahilny, U. V.; Безрученко, В. С.; Муравский, Ал. А.; Муравский, Ан. А.; Станкевич, А. И.; Могильный, В. В.
2019Fourier optics technology for viewing angle measurements: past, present and futureCollomb-Patton, V.; Boher, P.; Leroux, T.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 62