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Title: Quality and risk management at real economy enterprises
Authors: Alexeev, V. F.
Matyushkov, V. E.
Pisarchik, A. Yu.
Keywords: публикации ученых;personnel risks;risk management;real sector of the economy;balanced scorecard
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: InterConf
Citation: Aleхseev, V. Quality and risk management at real economy enterprises / V. Aleхseev, V. Matyushkov, A. Pisarchik // Scientific Community: Interdisciplinary Research : Proceedings of the 6th International Scientific and Practical Conference, Hamburg, January 26-28 2022 / InterConf. – Hamburg, 2022. – Р. 110–116.
Abstract: The analysis of risk management based on fundamental research by leading scientists has been carried out. It is shown that personnel risk management is a process that begins at the stage of developing a personnel management strategy and covers the entire personnel management system of an organization at all its levels. It is concluded that enterprises in the real sector of the economy should focus on the formation of the competencies of their personnel, since not one of the stages in the development of enterprise management systems could do without new knowledge, without new competencies.
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