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Title: Raman spectra of silicon/germanium alloy thin films based on porous silicon
Authors: Chubenko, E. B.
Grevtsov, N. L.
Bondarenko, V. P.
Gavrilin, I. M.
Pavlikov, A. V.
Dronov, A. A.
Volkova, L. S.
Gavrilov, S. A.
Keywords: публикации ученых;porous silicon;germanium;electrochemical deposition;chemistry;Raman spectroscopy
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Raman spectra of silicon/germanium alloy thin films based on porous silicon / E. B. Chubenko [et al.] // Journal of Applied Spectroscopy. – 2022. – Vol. 89, No. 5. – P. 829–834. – DOI : 10.1007/s10812-022-01432-3.
Abstract: Regularities of composition changes of silicon/germanium alloy thin fi lms formed on a single-crystalline silicon substrate by electrochemical deposition of germanium into a porous silicon matrix with subsequent rapid thermal annealing (RTA) at temperatures of 750–950 °C are studied. An analysis of the samples by Raman spectroscopy showed that an increase of the RTA temperature leads to a decrease in the germanium concentration in the formed fi lm. A decrease of the RTA duration at a given temperature makes it possible to obtain fi lms with a higher germanium concentration and to control the composition of thin silicon/germanium alloy fi lms formed by changing the RTA temperature and duration. The obtained results on controlling the composition of silicon/germanium alloy fi lms can be used to create functional electronic devices, thermoelectric power converters, and optoelectronic devices.
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