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Title: Germanium electrodeposition into porous silicon for silicon-germanium alloying
Authors: Grevtsov, N.
Chubenko, E.
Bondarenko, V.
Gavrilin, I.
Dronov, A.
Gavrilov, S.
Keywords: публикации ученых;electrodeposition;chemistry;porous silicon
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Germanium electrodeposition into porous silicon for silicon-germanium alloying / N. Grevtsov [et al.] // Materialia. – 2022. – Vol. 26. – P. 1 –8. – DOI: 10.1016/j.mtla.2022.101558.
Abstract: A method of germanium electrodeposition from a GeO2-based aqueous solution into the pore channels of anodic mesoporous silicon formed on n-type highly-doped (100) silicon wafers is described. The effect of deposition time, pore channel shape and preconditioning of porous silicon layers in hydrofluoric acid is evaluated. Recommendations are given in regards to the optimal parameter combinations to ensure uniform pore channel filling with germanium. The possibility of producing silicon-germanium alloys by subsequent rapid heat treatment of the germanium-filled porous silicon layers is established.
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