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Title: Возможна ли искусственная реализация сознания?
Other Titles: Is it Possible to Realize Consciousness Artificially?
Authors: Абрамов, И. И.
Keywords: публикации ученых;наноэлектроника;математическое моделирование;искусственный интеллект
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Новые технологии
Citation: Абрамов, И. И. Возможна ли искусственная реализация сознания? = Is it Possible to Realize Consciousness Artificially? / И. И. Абрамов // Нано- и микросистемная техника. – 2023. – Т. 25, № 1. – С. 42–48.
Abstract: Рассмотрены три выделенных возможных направления искусственной реализации сознания: материалистическое; идеалистическое; гибридное. В результате проведенного анализа этих направлений сформулирована гипотеза о возможности искусственной реализации сознания, но приближенно, не в полном объеме.
Alternative abstract: Three identified possible directions for the artificial realization of consciousness are considered: 1) materialistic; 2) idealistic; 3) hybrid. In principle, this is the most difficult task of artificial intelligence. The most promising approaches to the artificial realization of consciousness are distinguished in the directions. As a result of the analysis, a hypothesis was formulated about the possibility of such an implementation. Moreover, this can be, in principle, carried out within the framework of the three directions noted, but approximately. At the same time, if we consider the consciousness of a particular person, then in an artificial analogue, in essence, everything that is stored in the brain of this person should be reproduced, and this is a task of fantastic complexity. The author sees a possible solution of the problem by copying information from the corresponding brain. The question of the dynamic change of consciousness as a result of human interaction with the external environment will also be very difficult.
DOI: DOI: 10.17587/nmst.25.42-48
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