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Title: Method for protecting speech information
Authors: Seitkulov, Y. N.
Davydau, H. V.
Papou, V. A.
Potapovich, A. V.
Li Ye
Fan Yanhong
Jiang Jingsai
Bi Xiaoyan
Keywords: speech information protection;acoustic leakage channels;active protecting method;masking signals;speech-like signals;доклады БГУИР
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: БГУИР
Citation: Method for protecting speech information / Y. N.Seitkulov [and others] // Doklady BGUIR. – 2015. - № 8 (94). – С. 107 – 110.
Abstract: Methods for protecting speech information from leaking via acoustic channels are analyzed. A method for protecting speech information using a combination of masking signals consisting of «white» noise and speech-like signals is proposed.
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