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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Deposition of Erbium Containing Film in Porous Silicon from Ethanol Solution of Erbium SaltPetrovich, V. A.; Volchek, S. A.; Dolgyi, L.; Kazuchits, N.; Yakovtseva, V. A.; Bondarenko, V. P.; Tsybeskov, L.; Fauchet, P.
2001Er-doped oxidized porous silicon waveguidesBalucani, M.; Bondarenko, V. P.; Lamedica, G.; Ferrari, A.; Yakovtseva, V. A.; Dolgyi, L.; Vorozov, N.; Volchek, S. A.; Petrovich, V. A.; Kazuchits, N.
2000Oxidized porous silicon: from dielectric isolation to integrated optical waveguidesYakovtseva, V. A.; Dolgyi, L.; Kazuchits, N.; Vorozov, N.; Balucani, M.; Bondarenko, V. P.; Franchina, L.; Lamedica, G.; Ferrari, A.