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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Cold Atmospheric Plasma Treatment of Medical DevicesKotov, D. A.; Krivenchuk, D.; Osipov, A. N.; Patseev, S.; Aksiuchyts, A. V.; Ponomarenko, G.; Kulchitsky, V.
2018Increace in the silicon surface adhesion by treatment in atmospheric plasmaKotov, D. A.; Kuznetsova, T. A.; Nikitiuk, S. A.; Lapitskaya, V. A.; Melnikova, G. B.; Chizhik, S. A.; Zaporojchenko, U. V.; Yatsevich, E. V.
2018Influence of a constant magnetic field on the uniformity of plasma generated by planar ICP sourceKotov, D. A.; Yasunas, A.
2019Managing the surface properties of materials of display technology by means of treatment in atmospheric discharge plasmaZaporozhchenko, Y. V.; Kotov, D. A.; Aksiuchyts, A. V.; Osipov, A. N.; Paceev, S. V.
2018Modelling the magnetic field of the acceleration channel End-Hall ion sourcePalmera, M.; Shandarovich, B.; Kotov, D. A.
2021Смарт-система персонального мониторинга состояния здоровья человекаОсипов, А. Н.; Хазановский, И. О.; Котов, Д. В.; Фролов, А. В.; Пацеев, А. В.; Пацеев, С. В.; Osipov, А. N.; Kotov, D. A.; Frolov, A. V.; Patseev, A. V.; Patseev, S. V.