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Title: Диффузия фотосенсибилизатора «Фотолон» и света в многослойную ткань зуба
Authors: Чистякова, Г. Г.
Дик, С. К.
Салими Задех, М. М.
Барун, В. В.
Keywords: материалы конференций;фотосенсибилизатор
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: БГУИР
Citation: Чистякова, Г. Г. Диффузия фотосенсибилизатора «Фотолон» и света в многослойную ткань зуба / Г. Г. Чистякова и другие // Медэлектроника – 2014. Средства медицинской электроники и новые медицинские технологии : сборник научных статей VIII Международная научно-техническая конференция (Минск, 10 – 11 декабря 2014 г.). – Минск : БГУИР, 2014. – С. 61-63
Abstract: The photodynamic therapy (PDT) procedure of anti-microbal treatment of a tooth is a prospective approach during caries cure. It possesses a number of advantages as compared with traditional tooth processing by preparations. The PDT includes the incorporation of a photosensitizer (PS) into a tooth, PS diffusion into dentine channels, and irradiation of the tooth by light, the wavelength of which corresponds to the absorption band of the PS. This paper studies the first two steps of the procedure, namely the diffusion of PS ―Fotolon‖ in liquid and gel forms into a tooth and the diffusion of light into tooth tissue. The paper uses the experimental data for the investigation of the first step and the theoretical simulations for the second step. It is shown tha t the mean liquid-PS penetration depth into dentine channels is about 16 m. The gel PS does not substantially penetrate the tissue. The light penetration depth is approximately 2 mm to be practically independent of the spectral range. The main factors affecting the light penetration depth are shown in the work to be enamel and dentine thicknesses.
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