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Title: Lattice vibrations in FeIn2S4 single crystals
Authors: Pauliukavets, S.
Bodnar, I. V.
Bychek, I. V.
Smirnova, G. F.
Karoza, A. G.
Smirnova, T.
Keywords: материалы конференций;lattice vibrations;FeIn2S4;single crystals
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: БГУИР
Citation: Lattice vibrations in FeIn2S4 single crystals / S. Pauliukavets and others // Nano-design, technology, computer simulations : proceedings of 17th International workshop on new approaches to high –tech (26-27 October, 2017). – Minsk : BSUIR, 2017. – С. 44 - 46.
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