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Title: Применение unreal engine в разработке игр
Authors: Бакунов, А. М.
Калитеня, И. Л.
Дворецкий, А. С.
Мартыненко, И. О.
Гимик, В. О.
Keywords: публикации ученых;unreal engine;game development;development kit;game;application
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Scientific Educational Center Warsaw
Citation: Применение unreal engine в разработке игр / А. М. Бакунов [и др.] // Web of Scholar. – 2018. - 6(24), Vol.1. - Pp. 26 – 28. -
Abstract: Currently, the development of computer games involved not only large companies or development teams. Now the development of the game can be engaged in only one or two people, with the proper level of skills and good tools. But if large companies often use their own development when developing games, then small groups of developers use readymade solutions and tools. One such tool is the Unreal engine.
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