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Title: An approach to sheet music information retrieval
Other Titles: Об одном подходе к музыкальному информационному поиску нотных записей
Authors: Korukhova, Y. S.
Tolybayeva, A.
Корухова, Ю. С.
Толыбаева, А.
Keywords: публикации ученых
music information retrieval
automated reasoning
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: БГУИР, РБ
Citation: Korukhova, Y. S. An approach to sheet music information retrieval / Yulia S. Korukhova, Aiken Tolybayeva // Открытые семантические технологии проектирования интеллектуальных систем = Open Semantic Technologies for Intelligent Systems (OSTIS-2020) : сборник научных трудов / Белорусский государственный университет информатики и радиоэлектроники ; редкол. : В. В. Голенков (гл. ред.) [и др.]. – Минск, 2020. – Вып. 4. – С. 341-344.
Abstract: The paper presents a sheet music retrieval system. A search query is written in MusicXML format. MusicXML is a very popular format for sheet music, supported by various music notation software. Our search starts from a fragment containing a melody or a part of a composition and the goal is to find the whole composition in a digital collection. The collection should be preliminary indexed and the index is stored as database. For MusicXML files we propose a software tool that performs indexing automatically. For other formats the indexing process can be performed manually and database is extended by means of SQL–queries. To perform a fuzzy search we mark the longest common subsequence in the query and index item and then to remove their differences using automated reasoning method called rippling. The appropriate rewriting rules and differences annotation techniques for musical notation are implemented in prototype sheet music retrieval system.
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