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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Доклады БГУИР : научный журнал-
2021Developing a seq2seq neural network using visual attention to transform mathematical expressions from images to LaTeXVyaznikov, P. A.; Kotilevets, I. D.
2021Modeling AlGaN p-i-n photodiodesVorsin, N. N.; Gladyshchuk, A. A.; Kushner, T. L.; Tarasiuk, N. P.; Chugunov, S. V.; Borushko, M. V.
2021Software tool for evaluation of reliability and survivability of complex technical system based on logical-probabilistic methodologySkobtsov, V. Yu.; Lapitskaya, N. V.
2021Photoacoustic effect in micro- and nanostructures: numerical simulations of Lagrange equationsRomanov, O. G.; Shtykov, Y. K.; Timoshchenko, I. A.
2021Modeling of optical properties of hybrid metal-organic nanostructuresPonyavina, A. N.; Barbarchyk, K. A.; Zamkovets, A. D.; Tikhomirov, S. A.
2021Ab-initio simulation of hydrogenated graphene propertiesMurav'ev, V. V.; Mishchenka, V. M.
2021Ab initio calculations of electronic band structure of CdMnS semimagnetic semiconductorsMehrabova, M. A.; Panahov, N. T.; Hasanov, N. H.
2021The proton flux influence on electrical characteristics of a dual-channel hemt based on GaAsLovshenko, I. Yu.; Voronov, A. Yu.; Roshchenko, P. S.; Ternov, R. E.; Galkin, Y. D.; Kunts, A. V.; Stempitsky, V. R.; Jinshun Bi
2021Charge properties and currents in the silicon/nanoparticles of zinc oxide heterostructure irradiated by the solar lightKuraptsova, A. A.; Danilyuk, A. L.
2021Geometrization of the theory of electromagnetic and spinor fields on the background of the Schwarzschild spacetimeKrylova, N. G.; Red’kov, V. M.
2021First-principles study of stability and electronic properties of single-element 2D materialsHvazdouski, D. C.
2021Influence of radiation exposure on the properties of dielectric layers based on anodic aluminum oxideBiran, S. A.; Korotkevich, D. A.; Korotkevich, A. V.; Garifov, K. V.; Dashkevich, A. D.
2021Information-statistical approach to inverse optical problem solution for 3D disperse systems with nano- and micro particlesBezrukova, A. G.; Vlasova, O. L.
2021Modification of the RLA model for presenting a cluster system of a composite material with a fractal filler structureBelko, A. V.; Babarika, N. N.; Zeylikovich, I. S.; Nikitin, A. V.
2021Influence of exchange-correlation functional on the structural and electronic properties of periodic structures with transition metal atomsBaranava, M. S.
2021Energy levels of an electron in a circular quantum dot in the presence of spin-orbit interactionsBaran, A. V.; Kudryashov, V. V.
2021Atom species energy dependence on magnetic configurations in the perovskite yttrium orthoferriteBaglov, A. V.; Khoroshko, L. S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 18 of 18