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Title: Short-critical-path algorithm for allpass transform
Authors: Porhun, M. I.
Vashkevich, M. I.
Keywords: публикации ученых;all-pass filters;signal processing
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Institution of Engineering and Technology
Citation: Porhun, M. I. Short-critical-path algorithm for allpass transform / M. I. Porhun, M. I. Vashkevich // Electronics Letters. – 2023. – Vol. 59, №. 20. – P. 1-3.
Abstract: Allpass transform is a key element of the discrete systems which produces signal processing in warped frequency domain. The paper presents a new short-critical path algorithm for allpass transform, which essentially consists of calculating the outputs of allpass filters chain. The algorithm is based on the proposed dual allpass filter structure, which computes the outputs of a cascade of two allpass filters in one computational pass. The dual allpass filter structure is obtained using the state variable representation of the allpass filter. The efficiency of the proposed algorithm is analyzed in the context of allpass transform implementation using a general purpose CPU. The results of the experiment show that the use of the proposed algorithm accelerates the calculation of the allpass transform by 1.81 times.
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