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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Correlation analysis of vibration modes in physical vapour deposited Bi2Se3 thin films probed by the Raman mapping techniqueNiherysh, K. A.; Andzane, J.; Mikhalik, M. M.; Zavadski, S; Dobrokhotov, P. L.; Lombardi, F.; Prischepa, S. L.; Komissarov, I. V.; Ertz, D.
2018Possibility of determining the graphene doping level using Raman spectraKovalchuk, N. G.; Nigerish, K. A.; Mikhalik, M. M.; Kargin, N. I.; Komissarov, I. V.; Prischepa, S. L.
2021Schottky barrier height and ideality factor of CVD graphene/n-Si heterojunctionGolovach, A. I.; Kovalchuk, N. G.; Mikhalik, M. M.; Kukuts, Y.; Dronina, L.; Komissarov, I. V.; Prischepa, S. L.
2021Superconducting Critical Temperature and Softening of the Phonon Spectrum in Ultrathin Nb and NbN/graphene hybridsPrischepa, S. L.; Kushnir, V. N.; Cirillo, C.; Granata, V.; Komissarov, I. V.; Kovalchuk, N. G.; Mikhalik, M. M.; Danilyuk, A. L.; Svito, I. A.; Andrulevicius, M.; Attanasio, C.