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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20121D superconductivity in porous Nb ultrathin filmsPrischepa, S. L.; Trezza, M.; Cirillo, C.; Attanasio, C.
20192D carbon material/silicon heterojunctions for fast response self-powered photodetectorScagliotti, M.; Salvato, M.; De Crescenzi, M.; Castrucci, P.; Kovalchuk, N. G.; Komissarov, I. V.; Prischepa, S. L.; Catone, D.; Mario, L. Di; Boscardin, M.; Crivellari, M.
2017Absorption of electromagnetic irradiation in arrays of carbon nanotubes in the cubterahertz rangeAtdayev, A.; Danilyuk, A. L.; Prischepa, S. L.
2006Angular effects of the critical current in Nb/Pd multilayersPrischepa, S. L.; Gavrilkin, S. Yu.; Lykov, A. N.; Tsvetkov, A. Yu.; Vishniakov, Yu. V.; Attanasio, C.; Cirillo, C.
2019Anisotropic temperature dependent interaction of ferromagnetic nanoparticles embedded inside CNTPrischepa, S. L.; Danilyuk, A. L.
2019Anisotropy of Assemblies of Densely Packed Co-Alloy Nanoparticles Embedded in Carbon NanotubesPrischepa, S. L.; Danilyuk, A. L.; Kukharev, A. V.; Cojocaru, C. S.; Kargin, N. I.; Le Normand, F.
2020Anisotropy of Assemblies of Densely Packed Ferromagnetic Nanoparticles Embedded in Carbon NanotubesPrischepa, S. L.; Danilyuk, A. L.; Komissarov, I. V.
2010Asymmetry of the critical current and peak effect in superconducting multilayersPrischepa, S. L.; Gavrilkin, S. Yu.; Ivanenko, O. M.; Lykov, A. N.; Mitsen, K. V.; Tsvetkov, A. Yu.; Attanasio, C.; Cirillo, C.
2011Asymmetry of the Pinning Force in Thin Nb Films in Parallel Magnetic FieldPrischepa, S. L.; Bezotosny, P. L.; Gavrilkin, S. Yu.; Lykov, A. N.; Attanasio, C.; Cirillo, C.
2012Burg-tцeplitz approach for voice-signal feature selection and extractionNmadu, D.; Prischepa, S. L.; Bobov, M. N.; Kosar, A.
2016Carrier transport in porous-Si/Ni/c-Si nanostructuresPrischepa, S. L.; Fedotov, A. K.; Svito, I. A.; Redko, S. V.; Saad, A.; Mazanik, A. V.; Dolgiy, A. L.; Fedotova, V. V.; Zukowski, P.; Koltunowicz, T. N.
2016Change of the topology of a superconducting thin film electromagnetically coupled with an array of ferromagnetic nanowiresPrischepa, S. L.; Trezza, M.; Cirillo, C.; Dolgiy, A. L.; Redko, S. V.; Bondarenko, V. P.; Andreyenka, A. V.; Danilyuk, A. L.; Attanasio, C.
2013Comparative study of initial stages of copper immersion deposition on bulk and porous siliconPrischepa, S. L.; Bandarenka, H. V.; Fittipaldi, R.; Vecchione, A.; Nenzi, P.; Balucani, M.; Bondarenko, V. P.
2014Conductance spectroscopy inferromagnet–superconductor hybridsPrischepa, S. L.; Karminskaya, T. Yu.; Kupriyanov, M. Yu.; Golubov, A. A.
2021Correlation analysis of vibration modes in physical vapour deposited Bi2Se3 thin films probed by the Raman mapping techniqueNiherysh, K. A.; Andzane, J.; Mikhalik, M. M.; Zavadski, S; Dobrokhotov, P. L.; Lombardi, F.; Prischepa, S. L.; Komissarov, I. V.; Ertz, D.
2003Critical currents of MgB2 thin films deposited in situ by sputteringPrischepa, S. L.; Della Rocca, M. L.; Maritato, L.; Salvato, M.; Di Capua, R.; Maglione, M. G.
2006Critical temperature and interface transparency of N/S/N triple layers: theory and experimentKushnir, V. N.; Prischepa, S. L.; Cirillo, C.; Attanasio, C.
2004Current-dependent crossover in the flux dynamics of MgB2 thin filmsPrischepa, S. L.; Salvatoand, M.; Maritato, L.
2018CVD graphene sheets electrochemically decorated with “core-shell” Co/CoO nanoparticlesBayev, V. G.; Fedotova, J. A.; Kasiuk, J. V.; Vorobyova, S. A.; Sohor, A. A.; Komissarov, I. V.; Kovalchuk, N. G.; Prischepa, S. L.; Kargin, N. I.; Andrulevicius, M.; Przewoznik, J.; Kapusta, C.; Ivashkevich, O. A.; Tyutyunnikov, S. I.; Kolobylina, N. N.; Guryeva, P. V.
2019Direct Patterning of Nitrogen-Doped CVD Graphene Based Microstructures for Charge Carrier Measurements Employing Femtosecond Laser AblationKovalchuk, N. G.; Niherysh, K. A.; Felsharuk, A. V.; Svito, I. A.; Tamulevičius, T.; Tamulevicius, S.; Kargin, N. I.; Komissarov, I. V.; Prischepa, S. L.