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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019U-net для решения задачи сегментации медицинских изображенийКозлова, О. В.; Куница, Е. Ю.; Лукашевич, М. М.
2021UGC как современное средство маркетинговых коммуникацийАндриевская, Д. Н.; Булахова, П. Д.; Andrievskaya, D. N.; Bulahova, P. D.
2012Ultrafast imagingNaganov, E. L.
2008Ultrasonic Clearing Technology of Electronics ProductsLanin, V. L.; Tomal, V. S.
2019Ultrasonic Formation of Copper/Iron Graphene Oxide for Ketorolac DeliveryRadziuk, D. V.; Радюк, Д. В.; Mikhnavets, L. A.; Михновец, Л. А.; Tabulina, L. V.; Табулина, Л. В.; Labunov, V. A.; Лабунов, В. А.; Vorokhta, M.; Matolín, V.
2001Ultrasonic soldering in electronicsLanin, V. L.
2010Ultrasonic Soldering in Electronics: New OpportunitiesЛанин, В. Л.
2015Ultrasound device for the screening of coagulationUshakova, А. А.
2017Unique porous alumina formed in phosphoric acid electrolytes at high anodic voltagesHuang, X.; Su, W.; Sun, L.; Maximenkoа, A. A.; Marszałek, M.; Fedotova, J. A.; Lazarouk, S. K.
2016Unity 2DДубовский, И. С.
2017Unrelaxed InAs1-xSbx alloys grown on compositionally graded buffers with molecular-beam epitaxySadikhova, A.; Kipshidze, G.; Aliyeva, Y.; Ahmedova, Sh.; Abdullayev, N.
2017Unsupervised ranking of clients: machine learning approach to define a "good customer"Parkhimenka, U.; Tatur, M.; Khandogina, O.
2016Usage of cobalt oxide particles as precursor for FEBID: Ab initio studySkachkova, V.; Tamuliene, J.; Stempitsky, V.
2017Usage of Decision Support Technologies in Information Security Domain: Opportunities and ProspectsKadenko, S. V.; Каденко, С. В.
2017Usage of Expert Decision-Making Support Systems in Information Operations DetectionAndriichuk, O. V.; Kachanov, P. T.; Андрейчук, О. В.; Качанов, П. Т.
2013Use of 3D modeling software for designing information facility with type of protected spaceUtin, L. L.; Saberian, M. A.; Sudakevich, A. A.
2018Use of density functional theory for modeling optical properties of vacancy defects in nanoclusters of various SiC polytypesZhikol, O. A.; Luzanov, A. V.; Omelchenko, I. V.; Pushkarchuk, A. L.; Pushkarchuk, V. A.; Nizovstev, A. P.; Kilin, S. Ya.; Bezyazychnaya, T. V.; Kuten', S. А.; Пушкарчук, В. А.
2020Use of information and communication technologiesfor the export of economic subjects of Samarkand regionSaidov, F. F.; Mamasoatov, D. R.
2016Use of intellectual agents for information security of corporate information systemsVisniakou, U. A.; Mosduany Shiras, M. G.
2020Use of Similarity of Wiki Pages as an Instrument of Domain Representation for Semantic RetrievalRogushina, J. V.; Рогушина, Ю. В.